Dial For Style: Personal Styling On Call

Having your own dedicated Personal Stylist is one of those luxury services considered to be the stuff of fantasy. But we have just launched a new service that will give Signature clients their very own stylist on speed dial.

As a subscriber to our On Call service you will have access to styling and shopping advice all year round, whenever and wherever you need it. You can contact us with your queries anytime you wish, and we will be on hand to help via text, phone, email or Skype, whichever method you prefer.

Here are just some examples of the types of On Call styling concerns clients have already contacted us with.

Several months after she purchased a particular pair of trousers, one of our clients was concerned that she wasn’t wearing them, and wanted some reassurance that they worked well with an outfit she had put together.

 Another client wanted some help restyling a summer dress for the winter months.

 One client had bought a new skirt and wanted some advice as to which of her current jackets she could pair with it.

 Another had been invited to a special event, and wanted to know whether she could style together something from her existing wardrobe rather than invest in a new dress.

 We’re also helping clients with their shopping questions. So if, for example, you’re contemplating a new purchase and feel you would like a second opinion, as a subscriber you can simply send us a link to the item, or if you’re in store, share a picture with us.

The On Call service is bespoke, so you can use it for whatever styling or shopping concerns you would like help with, or which may suddenly crop up.

As it’s a remote service, it is essential that we know as much about you and your style as possible for it to be of real benefit, so it is exclusively available to clients who have previously seen us for a one-to-one consultation.

If you would like to book a consultation or learn more about our On Call service, please contact Julie by phone on 07954 365320, via email at julie@signaturestyleconsultancy.com or complete our contact form here.


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