Kate Moss

The Art Of Shopping: How To Build A Wardrobe Today

While the idea of owning a fabulous wardrobe appeals to many of us, the process of getting there has far fewer fans…

Styling Hacks

Six Styling Hacks For A Want-To-Wear Wardrobe

If you feel a huge sense of boredom when you open your wardrobe, and are tempted to think that by simply throwing everything out and starting again you will solve the problem, there may well be a much faster, less costly and more fun way to fall back in love with your clothes…

Wardrobe Edit

The Seasonal Switchover: Three Reasons Why You May Be Struggling

There are emotional and sentimental, as well as physical and practical factors that are tied up with our clothes, and these can loom large when we open our wardrobes…


How To Give Your Wardrobe A High Fashion Refresh

While at first glance, many catwalk looks may not seem relevant to our every day lives, on closer inspection the smaller details and the styling often reveal fresh ways of dressing…

Sarah Harris

Great Style And How To Get It

We all know women who we think have great style, that special something that sets them apart. But what they wear won’t necessarily have the same effect when it’s hanging in our own wardrobes…

celine earrings

How To Put The Wow Back Into Your Wardrobe

With Christmas fast approaching, that one time of the year when even the most sequin shy among us succumb to a bit of sparkle, we have the perfect excuse to make a bit of a style statement, however simple…

Dial For Style: Personal Styling On Call

Having your own dedicated Personal Stylist is one of those luxury services considered to be the stuff of fantasy. But we have just launched a new service that will give Signature clients their very own stylist on speed dial….

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