wardrobe management

Wardrobe Management

Creating and maintaining the perfect wardrobe…

Building a stylish and versatile wardrobe may seem like an overwhelming task.  But with a little expert help, you will soon be enjoying stress free dressing from a beautifully organised closet filled with fabulous and functional clothes.

Wardrobe Edit

A well edited wardrobe of real favourites will ensure that you look and feel your best everyday, as well as save you precious minutes in front of the mirror each morning.

We will prune out the dead wood from your wardrobe so that your best clothes can be seen, and then organise your closet to best suit you, and your lifestyle.

Once your favourites are clearly visible, and readily accessible, it will be easy to spot those key pieces of clothing you may be missing which will bring your current wardrobe to life.

We will also show you how to carefully store your clothes, which will not only prolong the life of your wardrobe, but create that exclusive ’boutique feel’ in your own home.

Wardrobe Styling

Breathe new life into your wardrobe and rediscover those hidden gems languishing at the back of your closet.

Real style is about how you wear your clothes rather than the number of garments you actually own.  If you find yourself reaching for the same well worn pieces again and again, let us take a fresh look at your wardrobe and show you how to create new and exciting looks from your existing clothes.

By getting more mileage out of your wardrobe, you will not only enjoy wearing the clothes you love for longer, but reduce that all important ‘cost per wear’ factor too.

Wardrobe Update

Stay ahead in the style stakes with minimum effort but maximum impact. 

The secret to maintaining a fashionable wardrobe today is to reflect the mood of the moment in a few well chosen pieces, rather than squeeze random new looks into your closet each season.

We will distil the trends into those style and colour choices that will bring your wardrobe bang up to date, and show you how the latest looks can best work for you and your lifestyle.

Our menu of wardrobe management services is completely flexible, and we would be delighted to create a bespoke package for you.

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